Rarely is there a single or straight path to change in federal law or policy. We help you navigate the landscape, react to events, capitalize on opportunity, and develop innovative, often multi-pronged, solutions. We craft messages to translate your issue into language that makes sense to voters, policy makers, regulators, and elected officials.

We work with you to develop the best strategy to help your constituents, leveraging current regulatory and legislative opportunities, or creating our own. Whether focusing on authorizations, appropriations, oversight or stand-alone bills to raise profiles, we identify the key offices and champions in Congress and Executive Branch and get your message to the right people. Relying on decades worth of relationships with Members of Congress, Executive Branch leaders, top-notch lobbyists, communications and PR experts, and top talent throughout the non-profit advocacy world, we can pull together the right people to advance your issues.

In federal advocacy, there’s always someone on your side, and we help make the connections. Effective coalition work amplifies messages and brings additional support and energy to an issue. We have experience forming, leading, and working with coalitions around diverse areas of health policy including Medicaid expansion, cancer policy, and women's health.